Frazer Parfum

L’MAD creates an exclusive range of silk scarves for Frazer Parfum.

Frazer Parfum is a small perfume house based Cape Town. Tammy Frazer as head of the house personally creates all perfumes by hand. As a perfumer Tammy works only with natural and organic raw materials sourced on quality by herself directly from the farmers around the world. Her ready to wear collection is called Chapters and is inspired by Tammy’s expeditions travelling to the source of the raw materials, meeting the farmers and discerning their methods of farming, harvesting and distillation.


Michael MacGarry for Frazer

Silk Chiffon Scarves for Frazer Parfum 40 x 110 cm

L'MAD for Frazer Parfum

L'MAD Silk Chiffon Scarf for Frazer Parfum

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